About Us
A.B. Security Products is a team of highly trained professionals who continue to meet and surpass customers' security needs through modern technology and superior service.
As an authorized dealer of numerous security products, A.B. Security is the leading company for your security needs, providing PA homes and businesses with cutting-edge technology, professional service, and the support to help you make the most of your security system.  Our main goal is to provide security and safety to the region so that your business or home remains a refuge of hospitality and your businesses thrive.
With 50 years of combined experience in the security industry, the A.B. Security Producsts staff is committed and knowledgeable.  We are active in our local communities, taking part in community programs, advising HOAs, and sponsoring charitable events.
A.B. Security Products brings state of the art Digital Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Burglar Alarms, Safes, Alarm Monitoring, ATM's, and Merchant Credit Card Services to Central PA region.  We service such customers as:
Banks and Credit Unions
Retail stores
Convenience Stores
Hotels and Casinos
Bars and Clubs
School and Government Facilities 
Parking Lots
Construction Sites (Mobile Surveillance Unit)
Equipment Rooms
Childcare Providers
Residential Homes and Apartments
Garages and Storage Facilities 

Conveniently located in Central PA, we guarantee you the best service and support at a competitive price.
   A.B. Security Products
                                                  an A.B. Specialty Products Company